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"I recall the gentle swaying of leaves on a sun-stained morning…"

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They’ve never seen the opening of darkness through the eyes of childish innocence, they’ve never held out for hope when life casts its shadow long…

As words pour out on a page like lashings of tempestual ocean waves against broken rocks, the solemn glare of a darkened sky meekly depresses the soul.

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A while back I spoke with someone I met through a friend regarding a personal loss in order to put together a blog about it. It’s been very hard to put into words some of the stuff that we spoke about as it got really emotional. Below is just a little creative description of the conversation. Hope you enjoy it.

The moment is washed away in the gust of tears that pour like putrid water; caught somewhere between the eyes of love and the cold grip of reality, his soul burns as life casts its long forlorn shadow…

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Behind his eyes lay memories of paths he has trodden only to discover the autumn leaves blowing in the midst of a winters darkness….

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